In 2024 Moonacres School will provide educational and inspirational learning opportunities that support Moonacres Farm and its commitment to sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture. Our school is about empowering individuals with the understanding and tools needed to foster sustainable living, improve their health and well-being, and to help drive change in the future of Australian agriculture.



We look forward to sharing with you all our school offerings.

Celebrate the art of cooking

Understand, prepare and enjoy fresh, seasonal and hand-made food – experience the simple act of eating seasonally.

Learn specialist skills and crafts from artisans, farmers, locals and renowned chefs and, take pleasure in the simple act of a shared table.


The opportunity to learn the art and craft of food, in all it’s forms, is the offering of Moonacres School.

The school is a living repository not only of food knowledge, but more importantly of food practice. The focus is on the doing, on learning by doing, on being taught by working practitioners.

While our teachers are all accomplished artisans, they are themselves eager to learn from others. They are inspired to teach so that others can enjoy their craft and the food that it produces.

Corporate Events

We also offer customised classes and corporate events. To find out more contact us today.