Jamberoo Mountain Farm is a family run business implementing sustainable agriculture to provide the community with healthy pasture raised produce.

The chickens are true free range producing pasture raised eggs, they have access to fresh pasture all day and are rotated using mobile sheds through the paddocks which are free of chemicals. The chickens have access to basalt filtered spring water and receive a diverse diet supplemented with grain mix to ensure all their nutrition needs are met.

The chickens are protected overnight in a mobile shed designed with mesh flooring allowing the chickens to slowly fertilize the paddocks and gradually improve the pasture for the beef cattle which are also regularly rotated to avoid overgrazing.

The entire operation is run on grid on solar power and ample rainwater is captured in tanks keeping our family comfortable while reducing the environmental impact.

Jameroo Mountain Farm’s purpose is to provide the community with the freshest pasture raised eggs from the beautiful misty mountains of Robertson while keeping their hens as happy as can be.